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9:15am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | BABY TIME | Babies (accompanied by a favorite adult) enjoy songs, activities to promote movement, rhymes, books, and playtime in each lively session. Baby Time gives your baby the opportunity to hear lots of language while you get to know other families with young children. Also join us in Phoenix at 9:15am on Thursday, February 27. More »
10am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | STORYTIME | Join us for interactive storytime for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. More »
The local author shares her self-published guide to organize your life with intention. "Mindful self-care is the key to success at work or at home! It helps individuals prioritize self-care by taking one hour a day to engage in six activities and journal about the experience, plans, and ideas they inspire. The goal is to become more organized, more successful in your career, stronger physically, and find more balance and peace in both your personal and professional lives." More »

6-8pm | TEMPE | CREATIVE NON-FICTION REVIEW | First meeting of a non-fiction critique group. RSVP to Al Fournier, algahman@gmail.com.
7pm | TEMPE | PENELOPE JEAN HAYES | THE MAGIC OF VIRAL ENERGY | Penelope Jean Hayes presents her book The Magic of Viral Energy and hosts a discussion about contagious energy and how to utilize this phenomenon for your best life. While meditating in 2007, Hayes experienced the contagious nature of energy and a phenomenon she calls “osmotic-energy-balancing.” Over the next decade, she intuited “viral energy” and a system of creation involving seven levels of energy ascending from dense and heavy upward to enlightenment. At this presentation, she'll also offer a sneak peek of her upcoming series Do Unto Earth, which deals with our environmental crisis and more. More »

10am | TEMPE | FREE WORKSHOP WITH MADHURI BAPAT | RANGOLEE ART | Author and educator Madhuri Bapat leads a free workshop on the ancient Indian folk art rangolee, based on her book Rangolee Art. This workshop is free. Please RSVP online. More »
5:30-8:30pm | TEMPE | TAROT READINGS | Mystic Journeyz with Suzi Coggins. “Your Angels Are Waiting.” Cost: $20 for 15 minutes. Registration at 480.730.0205. More info: mysticjourneyz.com.

6-7:30pm | PHOENIX | WRITE HERE, WRITE NOW | "THREE WAYS TO THINK ABOUT PLOT" | Need ideas to help you start writing? Join us for a monthly pop-up workshop co-presented by Phoenix College and ASU's Piper Center for Creative Writing. Each session includes a 30-minute mini-class and a writing prompt exploring some aspect of craft—setting, dialogue, character development, etc.—followed by focused writing time and the opportunity to read your work to the group. Tonight, Suyi Okungbowa, author of the forthcoming novel David Mogo, Godhunter continues the series with "Three Ways To Think About Plot." From the presenter: "You might have heard people refer to some of your beloved stories as 'plot-heavy' or even 'plot-less,' while you're over here wondering what in the world 'plot' even is, and how to make your story have one (that works). In this workshop, we’ll explore new ways to think about plot. First in relation to character goals as cycles of trying and failing, acceptance and rejection, and cause and effect. Then, we’ll create our own plots or micro-stories in five minutes and rewrite them using each of these techniques. Finally, we’ll discuss how these exercises can be adapted for novellas, novels, and other longer works. By the end of the workshop, you'll leave with concrete ideas and actionable strategies for tackling plot in your stories." More »
7pm | PHOENIX | AZ OPERA BOOK CLUB | THE RAINBOW TRAIL | The Arizona Opera's official book club meets to discuss Zane Grey's The Rainbow Trail. More »

10:15am | TEMPE | FAMILY EVENT | STORYTIME | Join us for interactive storytime with Mr. Tom for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. More »

7pm | PHOENIX | FIRST DRAFT BOOK CLUB | CATCH AND KILL | Join us at First Draft Book Bar (the wine and beer bar inside Changing Hands Phoenix) for a discussion of this month's pick, Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Ronan Farrow. In 2017, a routine network television investigation led Farrow to a story only whispered about: one of Hollywood's most powerful producers was a predator, protected by fear, wealth, and a conspiracy of silence. As Farrow drew closer to the truth, shadowy operatives, from high-priced lawyers to elite war-hardened spies, mounted a secret campaign of intimidation, threatening his career, following his every move, and weaponizing an account of abuse in his own family. All the while, Farrow and his producer faced a degree of resistance they could not explain—until now. This is the untold story of the exotic tactics of surveillance and intimidation deployed by wealthy and connected men to threaten journalists, evade accountability, and silence victims of abuse. And it's the story of the women who risked everything to expose the truth and spark a global movement. Stop by either Changing Hands location or order online to get your copy of Catch and Kill for 20% off, then meet us and USA Today Books Editor Barbara VanDenburgh at First Draft Book Bar at 7pm to discuss and enjoy happy hour prices during the event. More »
7pm | TEMPE | ANN CHARLOTTE VALENTIN | MED SCHOOL AFTER MENOPAUSE: THE JOURNEY OF MY SOUL | Ann Charlotte Valentin, N.M.D., shares her story about transformation, healing, and spirituality. After coming close to death and experiencing an out of body experience in 1992, Dr. Valentin developed a serious blood disorder and walked a fine line between life and death. Two years later, as she struggled to heal, she again left her body, which resulted in a spiritual transformation and activated her life path. As a result of these experiences, she claims, she became clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient—and believes it's never too late for readers to find their own Divine Feminine, intuitive powers, and soul’s purpose. More »

9:15am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | BABY TIME | Babies (accompanied by a favorite adult) enjoy songs, activities to promote movement, rhymes, books, and playtime in each lively session. Baby Time gives your baby the opportunity to hear lots of language while you get to know other families with young children. More »
10am | PHOENIX | FAMILY EVENT | STORYTIME | Join us for interactive storytime for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. More »
5:30-8pm | TEMPE | WRITERS, INK. | Share and critique two to four pages of writing with a group of peers. RSVP (required) at janiemae1083@gmail.com.
SOLD OUT | 6:30-8:30pm | PHOENIX | WRITING WORKSHOP WITH AMY SILVERMAN AND DEBORAH SUSSMAN | "MOTHERS WHO WRITE" | Amy Silverman (My Heart Can't Even Believe It) and Deborah Sussman (ASU's Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts) present a ten-session workshop series. Motherhood is the only experience necessary in this workshop for writers of all ages and levels of experience. From published authors to secret journal-keepers, "Mothers Who Write" offers prompts and advice to get you started, as well as a constructive, comfortable setting in which to workshop your writing. Cost: $250 per person, for 10 sessions. Register online. More »
7pm | PHOENIX | DR. KIXX GOLDMAN | SPEAK FROM YOUR HEART AND BE HEARD: STORIES OF COURAGE AND HEALING | Author and psychologist Dr. Kixx Goldman presents her new collection of short stories inspired by her own experiences and those of her clients. A devoted father and his daughter find hope in rewriting their past. With remarkable grit, a teacher escapes a surprise attack. A man conquers his fears and heals his childhood wounds. A therapist defies the establishment to protect her clients, and another stands up to the church. As the characters in these stories find the courage to triumph over their challenges, they heal and grow. "You, too," the author says, "can follow your inner voice, speak from your heart, claim your power, and fulfill your life." More »

7pm | PHOENIX | STORYLINE SLAM | "CRUSH" | 10 STORYTELLERS. 6 MINUTES. 1 WINNER! Ten tellers will have six minutes each to share a story based on the theme "Crush." Sign up on TheStoryline.org to tell a story. Eight names will be drawn and posted on the TheStoryline.org. At least two more names will be drawn at the beginning of the show. Five members of the audience will be the judges. The storyteller with the most points at the end of the show receives a $30 cash prize. Cost: $6 online / $8 at the door. Register online. More »

2pm | OFFSITE | DIANE REHM | WHEN MY TIME COMES | Bestselling author and renowned radio host Diane Rehm presents her latest, a book of candor and compassion, addressing the urgent, hotly contested cause of the Right-to-Die movement, of which she is one of our most inspiring champions. Location: Orpheum Theatre 203 W Adams St, Phoenix 85003. More »