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Teenage boys from Innertown are disappearing. No one knows what is happening to them, and what's worse is the town doesn't seem to care. John Burnside's beautifully written novel, The Glister, seems to show what can happen to a community bombarded by environmental disaster and economic collapse. Can the stress of a crumbling world push people so far they become apathetic, even when their children are in danger? Burnside has beautifully woven together mystery, horror, social commentary and literary fiction. You won't read anything else like The Glister!

Sarah B.


Acclaimed author John Burnside delivers a profound, page-turning novel about innocence, evil, morality, and the dark corners of the human psyche.
Mysterious illnesses affect the inhabitants of the post-industrial village of Innertown, and a pervasive sense of malaise hangs everywhere. So when teenage boys disappear into the poisoned woods surrounding the village's abandoned chemical plant, no one notices, or if they do, they don't say a thing. Not even the town's only cop, whose leads have long since died. To one boy, however, the chemical plant is beautiful, and it is there he will enact a plan to change the fate of the children of Innertown. To do so he will have to confront the blinding reality that burns in the chemical plant's cavernous center.
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ISBN: 9780099507840
Publisher: Vintage Books USA
Publication Date: April 1st, 2009