Invisible (Paperback)

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In the rainy city of Seattle, Washington, resides sixteen-year-old Jozi Skies, a self-proclaimed weirdo. According to Jozi, life is misery with her mom, step-dad and twin sisters. Everyone ignores her, so called friends spread rumors about her, and the boy she has loved almost her entire life pities her. Kyell is the reason Jozi even bothers getting up in the morning. One day, someone in Kyell's circle of friends spills Jozi's dark secret of her attempts to take her own life. Jozi's devastation soon turns into rage; a rage which causes her to seek revenge...SUICIDE. Jozi concocts a plan. She knows the perfect time and the perfect place. Then, Jozi encounters Adar'el, an unusual celestial, who seems to have a knack for showing up just when she needs him. At first, Jozi thinks he's a janitor. Then, she think's she's going crazy and seeing things, but later begins to accept his sensible guidance. Through supernatural time travel and infinite wisdom, will Adar'el show Jozi her way of seeing may not always be full proof.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578760414
ISBN-10: 057876041X
Publisher: Santita d'Anjou Books
Publication Date: January 29th, 2021
Pages: 234
Language: English