Our Children Live in a War Zone: Use The Power of Resilience to Improve Their Lives, Applied Positive Psychology 2.1 (Paperback)

Our Children Live in a War Zone: Use The Power of Resilience to Improve Their Lives, Applied Positive Psychology 2.1 By Jeanine Joy Cover Image
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The evidence is clear that teaching children, especially our most vulnerable children, skills that increase social and emotional competence, resilience, emotional intelligence, happiness, cognitive abilities, and psychological flexibility significantly improves the outcomes of their lives resulting in: * Higher high school graduation rates * Prevention of mental health problems * Higher college admission rates * Stronger families * Higher college graduation rates * Less likely to be involved in crime and violence * Less likely to have drug and alcohol problems * Better long-term physical health outcomes, more physical activity, less obesity * Better long-term mental health outcomes, including less depression and fewer suicide attempts Resilience provides the life-line that can lead poor children out of poverty, end the cycle-of-violence in families, and end the school-to-prison pipeline that is prevalent in low-income neighborhoods. That we know it works and aren't providing it to every child is child neglect on a global scale. Resilience protects children and adults against poor outcomes when negative events happen. We never know who will experience a sudden loss, an act of violence, or another form of trauma, but we can provide resilience training that empowers them with knowledge and skills that empower them to weather any storm. Many streets in the United States have the same impact on the physical and mental health of our children as war-torn streets in other countries. Violence is violence, whether it is the result of a declared war or hopelessness and poverty. The power to change the outcome for children in any war zone, here or abroad, begins with resilience. Compelling evidence from studies that followed children for a decade show we must do this. Resilience should be taught in every school, but that's not happening. That's the bad news. The good news is that any individual, family, teacher, or community can follow the steps provided in this book and build resilience in themselves and their families or students. We don't have to wait for anyone to help us--we can help ourselves by learning these critical life skills. The knowledge and skills necessary to make a significant difference in your child's life are easy to implement because they were designed with an understanding of what helps humans thrive. What world do we want our children and grandchildren to live in? Today, 1 out of every 32 Americans is incarcerated or on parole. We can do better. We should do better. Now that we know what stops the cycle-of-violence and school-to-prison pipeline, we have a moral obligation to use the knowledge to help children fulfill their potential. Jeanine Joy's work focuses on preventing problems before they occur. She is a Ph.D. Candidate who has spent over two decades focused on solving one big question, "What makes humans thrive?" After she'd proved to herself that the answers she'd found worked by using the concepts in her own life and then with friends and small groups, she founded Happiness 1st Institute in 2011. The name comes from the fact that when you get happy first, everything else is easier. Her programs are available at Happiness1st.com, a Thrive More Now Company.

About the Author

Professional, high-energy speaker, trainer and author who brings two decades of research on human thriving across scientific disciplines and professionally delivers the information using practical steps that are easy to understand. Anecdotes designed to open hearts and minds expertly address issues that matter to you and your organization. Ms. Joy uses everyday examples to highlight how absurd some common unhealthy mindsets are--often things we were all taught in school that don't work in the real world. Even minds and hearts that have been nailed shut for decades respond to her vivid examples, preparing them for healthier and more productive mindsets. Our audiences often report that the first thing they realized about Ms. Joy was that she really cares about them and is there to help them with their dreams, goals, and desires. The second thing they say is she increases their belief in their ability to succeed. Her years of research, which continues today, has given her a clear understanding of the root cause of human thriving in every area of life, health, relationships, career, well-being, success, and fun. Using that knowledge, she writes to provide valuable takeaways that improve the life experience of every reader. Her goal is always to enhance the lives of those she touches by delivering value. Because addressing problems at the root cause solves multiple problems, her Smart Way technique leads to improvements in every area of life. Most solutions address symptoms, which is why they are dose dependent and have undesired side effects. When the root of the problem is healed, the solution is permanent. Ms. Joy provides practical, step-by-step processes that help individuals develop skills and thought processes that improve every area of life.
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