The Great Melt: Accounts from the Frontline of Climate Change (Hardcover)

The Great Melt: Accounts from the Frontline of Climate Change By Alister Doyle Cover Image


The time for action is now.

The fate of the world’s coasts rests on a knife edge as global warming melts ice sheets and glaciers from the Alps to the Andes. The choices we make now will determine whether oceans rise by a coast-swamping 1 meter by 2100 or whether we can save our coastal communities.

From the glaciers of Antarctica and the high Andes, to the small island states of the Pacific and the coastal cities of Miami, New York, Venice and Rotterdam – Alister Doyle tracks the thaw that threatens life as we know it, shining a light on the most vulnerable people at the shoreline who are already moving inland, on the scientists puzzling about what is going on, and on the ideas about how to limit the damage.

About the Author

Alister Doyle is an award-winning journalist who has covered climate change for almost two decades. He has reported from about 50 nations in six continents, including two trips to Antarctica and numerous visits to the Arctic, and was the first Environment Correspondent for Reuters, from 2004-19. He was also a lead writer for Reuters’ award-winning Project Greenland in 2018 and wrote the UN report, “The Heat is On” (2019). He blends his journalistic instincts with compelling storytelling and powerful human stories.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780750997843
ISBN-10: 0750997842
Publisher: Flint
Publication Date: January 1st, 2023
Pages: 256
Language: English