Women Must Save the World! A Call to Action (Paperback)

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If we don't want more people killed by wars, terrorist attacks, and pandemics, and see the earth destroyed by global warming, then we need new worldwide leadership-women's leadership. Women Must Save the World A Call to Action is a short book with an urgent message. It's a call for women to assume leadership at this time of global crisis. The book makes two main points:

  1. The world must start operating like a global family
  2. Women must lead the change to create this new world.

It is time for a radical change from years of the patriarchal model of leadership that has brought us to the brink of societal, economic, and environmental collapse. The Covid-19 pandemic and the catastrophic effects of global warming are tipping points-final warning signs that we, as global citizens, should heed. To steer this planet onto a new and positive course, we need leadership that respects and promotes the best interests of everyone on this earth-women's leadership.

The purpose of this book is to show why women are better able than men to lead the planet to safety and prosperity. What we desperately need today are leadership skills that most women inherently possess- relationship building, compassion, creativity, teamwork, and holistic thinking. While masculine bravado and brawn may have worked in centuries past, women today are uniquely positioned to lead because of their education and skills.

The shift to women's leadership proposed in this book does not aim to discredit men or eliminate their participation. Empowered, farsighted men are encouraged to join in and help create this new world. However, the key to its success will be to eliminate the patriarchal mindset that has led us down the path of continuous warfare, terrorism, environmental destruction, human rights violations, and every atrocity imaginable.

To put our current world situation into perspective, I first look at how we got to this point in history. I provide an overview of the scale of global warfare since World War I, and show how the warlike mentality of the ruling patriarchy has dominated government and corporate leadership. Today we see many threatening signs that demand new leadership: twenty wars around the globe; tensions mounting between the superpowers; an increase in white supremacist movements; riots and looting because of racial injustices . . . the list goes on.

I examine women's climb to leadership roles and explain why it is women who are best qualified to lead the transformation of our society into a global family. I also provide some guidelines and a framework for how a new global family could be realized. In this vision and model, businesses and governments not only would be responsible for providing basic necessities but would also serve to enhance the lives of everyone around the world. All of this is doable with new leadership, a change in mindset, and the reallocation of money currently invested in perpetuating warfare, protectionism, and domination.

At the end of the book, I explain how the reader can participate in creating a global family by first examining his or her own biases and prejudices. We must look within and open our hearts and minds to help support the change we wish to see in our world. I also give the reader the opportunity to nominate women of their choice to serve in leadership roles as consultants and help us transition to a new world led by women.

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