FibroSuccess: Fibromyalgia Explained, Managed & Eliminated (Paperback)

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Finally, Fibromyalgia explained ...New book "Fibrosuccess- Fibromyalgia Explained, Managed & Eliminated" ......Fibrosuccess is just that "success with Fibro" Bigger font, easy to follow layout, easy to read, created for fibro readers. It is a concise "how to" that is a mind, body, spirit approach to resolving Fibromyalgia. The author Jemma Jacksen RCT CCT BSc was diagnosed, by two well known doctors, with fibro and found methods to help heal herself, one doctor was the very first to buy her Book. Fibromyalgia can be very debilitating and Jemma wishes to, through this very positive book, encourage you to believe you can heal and be pain-free again. 2/3 of the book is dedicated to helping fibro while last 1/3 is dedicated to simple psychotherapy and spiritual issues we all deal with in long term illness. The body and mind are treated as ONE, it is natural methods and more eastern medicine approach. Within the pages are inspirationally topics such as energy, stress, depression, insomnia, trauma and pain, etc and how to help them all. Jemma's points of view are unique and 'groundbreaking' as she Explains how fibro even comes to be (and plus why women are more affected) and duly how it can be fixed or alleviated. You may feel better within weeks to months using her simple plan. It is inexpensive too and she doesn't promote nor sell products. It is truly one knowledgeable woman's journey to get better and Jemma has pre-med studies from the elite University of British Columbia specializing in Agriculture (BSc (Agr) ). As well, Jemma is a Registered International Cardiac Technologist. She has a deep understanding of Anatomy, Physiology & Nutrition. Astounding recoveries and testimonials already reported and she just launched one month ago at UBC in June 2015. St. Pauls Hospital in Vancouver, at the Chronic Pain Clinic, is hoping to have her speak at the hospital about her recovery and methods to help those who suffer. She is also doing many other support groups speaking engagements in surrounding Vancouver. This book is just 290 pages, again easy to read and Jemma helps you by being slightly repetitious. Get your copy today and share with others and hopefully you too will experience recovery, at minimum you will gain from the spiritual insights and nuggets of wisdom within the pages. Jemma is very proud of this as it took her 5 years to write and she believes strongly, while not helping 100%, it may help many, like 25 % of sufferers of horrible fibromyalgia. This will be millions. Be one of the first to read it all. E-book and audio book avail by the end of the year but easiest to read in Print as you can flip back and forth and keep on deck as a reference. "We get so comfortable with pain, we get stuck in suffering, We don't have to" (jemma).....get better sooner rather than later, have hope, it can happen as it did for Jemma She is very generous to be putting this book and it's contents out to the world to help resolve pain. Is very good for helping arthritis too and Rheumatoid arthritis, ME, CFS, and maybe MS.

About the Author

Jemma Jacksen RCT CCT BSc has a Bachelor of Science degree and Cardiac diploma and she suffered Fibromyalgia so bad for several years she almost needed a cane to walk and was bed ridden with pain and fatigue for months to years. Jemma had life- saving open heart surgery at age 29 and has encountered trauma during her life. Trauma is not uncommon among fibro sufferers. It was in her later years she went back to school and received her diploma in cardiac studies that she soon thereafter fell ill with fibro and hypothyroidism, often going hand in hand. Her adrenals were burnt out too. Jemma is by nature a problem solver and was not going to let any illness hold her back in life, stop her from living out her dreams, so she embarked on a journey to help herself thru trial and error and some studying. Finally this, her first book after 5 years in creation she had Fibrosuccess, fitting title as Jemma is naturally optimistic and owns the .com because she invented the word. So you can go to to see reviews, testimonials and details about her book, to hear her story and hear her speak on the radio. Jemma aims just to help others and help alleviate pain and suffering as she has endured so much and recovered and knows recovery is possible, with determination and the right attitude, so believe and you too will heal and in turn help others you know. Jemma's dream in life is to write more books on more health topics and even one on " how to write a book" as she had to figure this all out herself too. Guide books for those in need. Jemma hopes to make this world a healing world where people help people and we all encourage and support one another, adding positivity to an already tough world.
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ISBN: 9780992140502
ISBN-10: 0992140501
Publisher: Fibrosuccess-Fibromyalgia Explained, Managed
Publication Date: May 10th, 2015
Pages: 292
Language: English