The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf (Paperback)

The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin's Werewolf By Linda S. Godfrey Cover Image
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The original account of the 1992 bombshell news story that revealed reports of werewolf-like creatures in southeast Wisconsin. The small town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin made national headlines in the early 1990s with reports of a strange, hairy, wolf-headed creature that walked upright and seemed unafraid of man as it stalked the cornfields just outside of town. Journalist Linda Godfrey dubbed the canid sensation "The Beast of Bray Road" after the location of the first reported sightings. Two decades and hundreds of nationwide sightings of similar creatures later, no one has ever proven whether the beast is a flesh-and-blood canine or will-o-the-wisp, demon dog, or a magical werewolf. But the author provides plenty to chew on, with sightings of related creatures, Native American connections, historic lore and a keen-eyed look at possible explanations. Once fully digested, this book just may induce readers everywhere to keep a more careful eye out as they travel lonely country roads after dark.
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ISBN: 9780996263054
ISBN-10: 0996263055
Publisher: Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2015
Pages: 214
Language: English