Life Is A Rerun (Paperback)

Life Is A Rerun By Carol Ter Haar, Rachel Anderson (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Carol Ter Haar, Rachel Anderson (Illustrator)
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While finishing my meal at a family restaurant, I looked down and, to my horror, discovered chocolate ice cream stains on my freshly laundered white blouse. I glanced around, hoping no one had noticed. At the next table was a young child in a booster chair. She had also slobbered over herself. She smiled at me and we bonded.knowing that life is a rerun. An adult's life is sometimes mirrored in that of a child. Read this book through the eyes of a young child and then reread the book through the eyes of an older adult. You will agree that life is a rerun. Make your LIFE colorful.and it's okay to go outside the lines every once in awhile. Carol Ter Haar captures the essence of living when she wryly observes life is a rerun. She injects humor and joy into the aging process by showing the unique understanding that exists between the well-matured person and the youngster. Every older adult needs this unique coloring book, as well as at least one copy for each grandchild and for each member of the "sandwich generation" in the family. Presented in an interactive format that both adults and children will enjoy, Life Is a Rerun offers a touching message all generations will comprehend so well they will want to make reading the book a rerun. Lee Davis, editor, Fleur de l'Age(R) With wit and heart, Life Is a Rerun gives readers and would-be artists opportunities to reflect on the cycle of human life and to smile about it. The author and illustrator use their talents to create a unique book that lets us look at life situations through the eyes of older adults and those of young children to understand, truly, life is a rerun. Steve Wayne, book critic.
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ISBN: 9781425967840
ISBN-10: 1425967841
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: October 9th, 2006
Pages: 48
Language: English