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The discussion rages as continuously many seek to re-establish Saturday as the day of worship. The contention is that the day has been changed by post Apostolic "detractors" who, in keeping with Gods warning in Daniel 7:25 that days and laws would be changed, have changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. The day has not been changed and worshipping on Sunday is not a fulfilment of that warning in Daniel 7.

It is not necessary to keep the Sabbath to be saved; neither is worshipping on Sunday a sign of worshiping the beast. The Old Testament is a foreshadowing of what was fulfilled in the New. Every move of God had a specific purpose and some have fulfilled their purpose. Sunday was one of those Symbols. The Scriptures and the writings of the Apostolic Fathers clearly show that while Saturday was the Sabbath day of Rest that the early Christians worshipped on Sunday.

Is the mark of the Beast simply symbolic or is it a literal visible identifying mark worn on the body as indicated in the Scriptures? Would the Church be exposed to the times of the Antichrist or would it have been raptured already?

Sunday Worship leads us from the Old Testament type to the New Testament reality. As King Solomon once said, "...there is nothing new under the sun..." Worshiping on Sunday is not a new phenomenon but is deeply rooted in the Old Testament. God even forbids worshiping on Saturday as "the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the free woman. See for yourself.

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