Pain Banishment. Don't Manage Your Pain. Banish It Completely! Even When Nothing Else Works...: A Non-Invasive Treatment For Rsd/Crps, Neuropathy, Fib (Paperback)

Pain Banishment. Don't Manage Your Pain. Banish It Completely! Even When Nothing Else Works...: A Non-Invasive Treatment For Rsd/Crps, Neuropathy, Fib By Patricia Boeckman, Donald Rhodes Cover Image
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A must-have item for anyone in chronic pain, PAIN BANISHMENT describes a unique therapy. Drugless and non-invasive, it relieves pain in patients for whom nothing else has worked. First, it takes readers through Dr. Donald Rhodes' fascinating journey from his first RSD patient to the development of his unique treatment, to which more than 90% of patients respond. The majority become pain free. Next, several patients tell their own stories. If you suffer from chronic pain, you will recognize yourself in their accounts and will be encouraged by their praises of Dr. Rhodes, their Miracle Man. Finally, you will read a detailed explanation of the basic causes of chronic pain. This book exists because Dr. Rhodes' patients begged him to write it to help spread the word. They encourage everyone to read this book because chronic pain can strike without warning. If it hits you, you will know where to go first, not last. And they call for help to make this the gold standard in pain banishment.

About the Author

An estimated 70 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. In 1992 Dr. Donald Rhodes embarked on a path that would change his career and his life, steer him away from surgery, and would offer hope to these sufferers. His quest began after one of his patients developed RSD, a nerve pain so excruciating and impossible to treat at the time that its victims often committed suicide. When Dr. Rhodes learned that no treatment existed to help his patient, who was deteriorating, he set out to devise his own methodology. He conducted extensive research, used his brilliance to tie together myriad bits of information into a cohesive plan, and cobbled together multiple approaches that put his first patient into remission. Word spread, and others came to him for help, most from out of state and some from as far away as England, the Netherlands, and Australia. Over time, Dr. Rhodes continued his research and learned a great deal about RSDS/CRPS and its related ailments, all of which responded to his treatments. He refined his approach to treating chronic pain until he distilled most of his methods into one machine, which provides electro-magnetic stimulation to the sympathetic nervous system. This process causes the body to create its own curative substances, which normalize the nerves and put pain into remission. It treats not just the symptoms of pain but also the underlying cause. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that most of Dr. Rhodes' patients typically find him only after spending enormous sums of money looking for relief. In addition, almost all of them have endured failed therapies and operations, nerve blocks, heavy doses of narcotics including morphine, and treatments that have made them worse, not better. In fact, some have reached him on the verge of death. Yet, when all else has failed, his treatments have worked. Over ninety percent of his patients respond to his treatments, and the majority of those become pain free. One of the most exciting aspects of Dr. Rhodes' work is the next step in his ever-evolving enhancements of his methodology. He has devised a system to provide treatments via the Internet for individuals with less complicated pain syndromes. Doctors all over the world who train with him and then network with his clinic will be able to access patient care protocols so that many patients can be treated in their local communities. If you or someone you know suffers from chronic pain, you will definitely want to read this book.
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ISBN: 9781442116559
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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 17th, 2009
Pages: 100
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