House Ascendant: Odysseus & His Family in the Early Thirteenth Century BC. (Paperback)

House Ascendant: Odysseus & His Family in the Early Thirteenth Century BC. By S. W. Bardot (Translator) Cover Image
By S. W. Bardot (Translator)
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House Ascendant

presents the comings-of-age of the epic hero and his best friend by homeland Greece; they're both famous from The Odyssey by Homer, although the book assumes our readers have not the least knowledge of them. So, accordingly, from Odysseus' birth while under the care of his mother Anticleia our volume tells settings and tales about Odysseus as a boy. He meets Mentor while they're both lads at war campaign with their fathers, both acting as messengers until Mentor becomes Ward-of- House under the tutelage of Odysseus' father La rtes. An apprentice of naval command under his father, we learn of Odysseus' teenage years until just past his accession to the co-regent title of Fleetmaster. Mentor, meanwhile, becomes a student and practitioner at the difficult arts of dictation through his commitment to writ inscribed entablature - itself best known to scholars as the famous syllabary of pictograms called Linear B Minoan. Odysseus' eventual command over the Near Fleets of the Ithacan League has the able testament of Mentor to bring both their exciting lives through the zenith of the Mycenaean Age.

Protohistory, in contrast to our many novelistic approaches to historical fiction, employs biography as a framework against which events of authentic and plausible prehistory can be affixed. Expository fiction fills in the lost gaps by destroyed sources, while explaining robustly the regions and happenings surrounding the lives of several protagonists. It speaks, in general and solely, from the captured viewpoints of sovereigns, or of the highest peers attendant upon them.

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