How To Obtain 100% In Tests & Exams: If not 100% then 100% improvement (Paperback)

How To Obtain 100% In Tests & Exams: If not 100% then 100% improvement By Henry Michael Africa Cover Image
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Exam and Test Excellence holds the key to the better jobs and bursary awards. Every area of life requires an attitude of achieving top grades in whatever tests is attempted. The top achievers are headhunted and they headhunt starting with great test and exam results...

About the Author

My name is Henry Africa. Am Remembered as the guy who pointed to the fence at the nationals of 1984 and then slamming the ball out of the stadium. The last person to do that was Babe Ruth, in the USA.Then I was voted the Best Baseball Player in South Africa. The year was 1984. A year later, I was voted the Best Baseball Player in the Western Cape. This was the stronghold where more than 10 000 baseball players played the sport. Now a qualified Project Manager and Real Estate agent, I have turned my attentions to writing for a living. This one of the 6 books and novels I have published. There is a goal to my writing. I want to help to educate people so that they set and chase their goals in life. A saying goes..."There are many people who do not set goals but those who do set them, often set them too low." So my new goal is to empower people by helping them to set a goal to become the best at something. I was the best in my country. The sport was baseball. Perhaps if my goal was to be the best in the world then I would have achieved it. But alas, it is now left to me to see that as many youngsters as possible, set and chase the goals they never had before I spoke too them. They are in drugs, crime and misguided at times. But they are simply me, before I set a goal to be the best baseball player in South Africa. It took someone to tell me I was just ordinary for me to decide to prove them wrong. I did, and so can many others who have not been told how valuable they truly are. Henry Africa WILL go down in history as having been responsible for the changed futures of millions of global citizens. The two men, Joe Johnson and Gus Petersen, who found a kid on a sandy field could not believe what he went on to achieve. Me, I know once I touch a soul it will turn to gold... And that is all that I am... I am the one who wants to make you the one...Number 1. And I will achieve that goal as long as I have breath in my body...The legacy I will leave behind is one that will be carried forward by those who have benefited from the lessons I have taught them. They too will change the world we live in... My Achievements will be dedicated to 2 ordinary men who took a kid from a field and taught him to be the best at something...
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