Identity Problems of Black Africans: Myth or Reality (Paperback)

Identity Problems of Black Africans: Myth or Reality By Talanga P. Nefwani Ma Med Cover Image
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Since the 15th century, history has revealed a systematic dismantling of African history and culture, with changes and distortions of names, theft of art and artifacts, and, most importantly, the imposition of Christianity on the African continent. This, coupled with the devastating effects of colonization, slavery, and other European oppressive systems, has resulted in an identity crisis among black Africans. In Identity Problems of Black Africans, Talanga P. Nefwani addresses this enormous problem. Yet he holds out hope and conviction that when black Africans learn about their glorious history, they can speak with pride and dignity to restore their African identity and spirituality-and preserve the integrity of their cultural heritage. It is a challenging time for black Africans to stand up for their inalienable human rights; to define and protect their cultural and personal identity. The author invites black Africans to think differently, unite their efforts, and adopt the ideologies of N gritude, Pan-Africanism, and Afrocentrism to overcome the psychological warfare launched by Europeans to subdue black Africans forever.
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ISBN: 9781478769156
ISBN-10: 1478769157
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: April 15th, 2016
Pages: 286
Language: English