Hey! You Don't Know Squat About Baseball: Take the Baseball Quiz - You Make the Call (Paperback)

Hey! You Don't Know Squat About Baseball: Take the Baseball Quiz - You Make the Call By Amanda G. Urban, Robert T. Urban MD Cover Image
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'Hey You Don't Squat About Baseball' is a baseball quiz book and much more. The book presents baseball situations or scenarios calling for a ruling based on the reader's understanding of Major League Baseball rules. Each scenario comes with four choices. The reader chooses the correct answer in accordance with reader's understanding of the game. You make the call. In addition, there are 2 multiple bonus scenarios. The first is a series of 5 questions with answers laid out in the beginning of the book. These bonus question are designed to give the reader a quick sample of the question and answer format of the book. The second bonus consists of a set of 10 additional bonus scenarios for teachers and coaches. These 10 additional bonus scenarios can be used as a pre test of an individual's baseball knowledge. The questions are laid out for easy copying and pasting. 'Hey You Don't Know Squat About Baseball' is illustrated throughout with images from the golden age of baseball going back to the 19th century. Many images are taken from public domain image library of Comic Books Plus. In addition to the baseball scenarios, the book takes the reader back in time by presenting a series of Babe Ruth batting tips with illustrations dating back to the 1920s. Therefore, most of these scenarios are likely to be encountered if you spend any time watching baseball. The scenarios are in that sense timeless. It is likely that at any baseball game, several of the scenarios presented in the book will unfold. Now, you can be prepared with inside knowledge of the game. There is a quick reference guide along the lines of the main actor, position on the field, plays taking place at specific locations in the field of play and related subjects important to the understanding of baseball. If you want to take your understanding of baseball and baseball's rules to another level, this book is a new and exciting way to indulge your passion for the game. 'Hey You Don't Know Squat About Baseball' makes the perfect baseball gift for all seasons. Take a look at 'Hey You Don't Know Squat About Baseball.' You will have more fun with the game while you come away with greater knowledge of the game within the game of baseball. Managers, coaches and players, make your baseball presence known. Grab this book now.

About the Author

Robert Urban was born in Ohio. He attended Oberlin College and Case Western Reserve Medical School. He is married and has 2 adult children. Recently, Dr. Urban helped concentration camp survivor Rachel Rosenberg write her Holocaust autobiography, 'The Holocaust Scream'. The book became a number one Kindle best-seller. He has also authored the book, 'Anne Frank History and Quick Study Quiz'. As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Urban encountered many sports medicine injuries. As a result of his experience with sports medicine, Dr. Urban began to study sports injury prevention and sports performance enhancement. Over time, Dr. Urban came to realize that the individual athlete can change his/her performance expectations, outcomes and risk of injury using the latest and best techniques combined with practical understanding of the sport. Dr. Urban encourages every athlete of any age to become a student of his game. In this book, the game happens to be baseball. There are strategies, leveraging, percentages, and looking for edges going on all the time during a game or sport activity. Sooner or later, one's deeper knowledge of the game should offer an edge within the game. This idea is further developed in this book. Dr. Urban is currently working with athletes in the areas of sports quickness, speed training and jumping skills.
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Publication Date: October 9th, 2013
Pages: 316
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