Birth Book #1: How to Find the Best Doctor or Midwife, Have Less Pain in Labor & Be Fearless When Giving Birth (Paperback)

Birth Book #1: How to Find the Best Doctor or Midwife, Have Less Pain in Labor & Be Fearless When Giving Birth By Steve Blight, Sarah Blight Cover Image
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If you're like me ... you've had at least some anxiety about being pregnant & giving birth. After talking with 100s of moms, these are the straightforward pieces of "pregnancy & birth" gold they wish they had known before giving birth- which, ironically, are some of the most important topics that are often never talked about.I've connected with 100s of top doctors, doulas, midwives & moms to have them teach you how to have an easier labor and healthy birth.Birth Book is full of candid conversations, true stories, important insights, and tips from top doctors and moms. They open up, get real and share with you what 100s of moms and over 70 combined years of "giving birth" experience has taught them about childbirth. Their knowledge becomes yours, so you can have an easier labor & healthy birth with your baby You'll also see the best research & medical evidence on giving birth. A lot of pregnancy books talk about "giving birth." Birth Book actually shows you "how to have a healthy birth" and gives you the evidence to back it up (evidence is from the most trusted medical research institutions in the world: US Cochrane Center at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, National Institute of Health and the Journal of Perinatal Education).How To Be Relaxed, Calm & Confident In Labor & When Giving BirthDr. Bethany Hays (OB/GYN, mom of 3) teaches you: 1. Why you're more capable than you think you are when giving birth2. What the secret to an easier labor & birth might be & how to have one (with examples)3. The truth about normal birth4. An easy 4-part nutrition plan during pregnancy you won't forget5. What she'd expect out of her own daughter's OB/GYNHow To Be Fearless During Pregnancy & When Giving BirthDr. Stuart Fischbein (OB/GYN, dad of 4) teaches you: 1. Why giving birth doesn't need to be feared2. The 2 most important things to do for your entire pregnancy & birth3. Why a doula is a must & how "you're far less likely to have unwanted] interventions or need a C-section if you..."OB/GYN or Midwife? How To Choose the Best Doctor or Midwife For You During PregnancyKate Glynn (mom of 2) teaches you: 1. How to find an OB/GYN or Midwife who supports you during pregnancy, believes in you, encourages you & advocates for you as you're giving birth. She shares her true story so you can avoid her bad experience with doctor #1 and have her amazing experience with doctor #2.2. The 5 most important questions to ask any provider during pregnancy.How to Have Less Pain in Labor {even if you're getting an epidural}Michelle VanOudenallen (mom of 2) teaches you: 1. How to have less pain in labor and when giving birth2. How to speed up labor. (specific techniques & walks you through why they're so effective)3. The secret to breathing so you can relax and avoid wondering "am I doing this right?"You'll also hear true stories & important tips for when you're in labor, like: how one mom went from being flustered in labor to giving birth confidently, without complications. Giving birth isn't easy. But it's easier when you know what to do that works. Birth Book helps moms have an easier labor & healthy birth. It can help you too Want to learn more? Buy it now.
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ISBN: 9781497412514
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Publication Date: August 6th, 2013
Pages: 132
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