Hands to Spell-Read-Write: 2 Letter Words Spelling Workbook (Paperback)

Hands to Spell-Read-Write: 2 Letter Words Spelling Workbook By Joseph Martin Kronheim (Illustrator), Angela M. Foster Cover Image
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This simple spelling workbook contains 123 two letter words in the English language. It's designed to begin teaching spelling on a level that encourages confidence. Since two letter words are the easiest to learn to spell, read and write it's a great place to start. It also lays the ground work for larger words to be learned in the future because most larger words have smaller words in them. Example: the two letter word he is also in the words of the, hem, them, etc.
On each word page, the activities are:
1. Color the letters of the word at the top of the page.
2. Learn the spelling in ASL Manual Alphabet.
3. Trace the word on the 3 different font types: Bubble, dotted manuscript, and dotted cursive.
4. Use the Braille Alphabet to "write" the word in Braille.
5. Check the box in front of dictionary after you have looked up the word and learned its meaning. Do the same for the ASL/SEE sign.
6. Make up a sentence using the word, then write it.
7. Once the word is mastered, move to the next page and repeat instructions 1-7.
Spelling quizzes are placed throughout.

About the Author

Angela M. Foster is a versatile author/creator of several different book series of picture books, workbooks, reading books, educational/learning books, knitting & crochet pattern books, plastic canvas pattern books, genealogy vital records books, and more. You can follow her on Facebook at https: //www.facebook.com/AngelaMFoster47 or on Twitter at https: //twitter.com/AngelaMFoster4 or on Pinterest at https: //www.pinterest.com/amfoster4/
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