Extinction Edge (Extinction Cycle #2) (MP3 CD)

Extinction Edge (Extinction Cycle #2) By Nicholas Sansbury Smith, Bronson Pinchot (Read by) Cover Image
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A bioweapon designed to save the world ...A scientific discovery that will alter human history ...And a new threat that will bring humanity to the Edge of Exctinction.The dust from Dr. Kate Lovato's bioweapon has settled. Projections put death counts in the billions. Her weapon was supposed to be the endgame, but it turned a small percentage of those infected with the Hemorrhage Virus into something even worse.Survivors call them Variants. Irreversible epigenetic changes have transformed them into predators unlike any the human race has ever seen. And they are evolving.With the doomsday clock ticking, the fractured military plans Operation Liberty--a desperate mission designed to take back the cities and destroy the Variant threat. Master Sergeant Reed Beckham agrees to lead a strike team into New York City, but first he must return to Fort Bragg to search for the only family he has left.At Plum Island, Kate discovers Central Command may have considerably underestimated the Variant population in New York. As Operation Liberty draws closer, Kate warns Beckham that Team Ghost won't just face their deadliest adversary yet--they may be heading into a trap.
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ISBN: 9781504615334
ISBN-10: 1504615336
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Publication Date: March 2nd, 2015
Language: English
Series: Extinction Cycle