Morality Decay & Self-Destruction: (America's Narcissism) (Paperback)

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Introduction As I compile this book "Morality Decay & Self-Destruction" is a part of our mind which deal with the sub conscious. There are many documented cases of Government abuse of unsuspecting citizens, often in the name of research. Political Activists and others who upset the status quo have long known that Government surveillance, at least under certain circumstances, is a reality. Against this background, a subculture of individuals claim that sinister devices are being used on them, possibly by the Government. If these machines are real, it would be difficult to separate the people who are mentally troubled from those who have been victimized. Does the proliferation of new technologies and new complaints of harm indicate the spread of a large-scale form of mass paranoia? Or is reality catching up to what used to be called madness? The above statement in no way is saying the Government is involve in all or any murder done by any person who decide to kill someone. We may never know what trigger a person to decide to kill. These murders Lee Harvey Oswald and Eddie Ray Routh were totally senseless and did nothing except take these humans lives from their love ones before their time. What could have been in these killers mind? except narcissism. Once mankind grasp his/her gift from God, which is their lives, our World will change drastically for the betterment of mankind. We would live in peace, harmony, happiness and thanking God daily our entire lives. My summary on "Morality Decay & Self-Destruction" of mankind inflicting hardship and destruction toward each other by abusing the innocent; this create hate and revenge, which brings out the evil demons from within each of us. We must one day overcome those evils as we evolve into higher intelligent beings so the future of mankind will evolve into a higher relationship with God. Therlee Gipson (Updated 4/13/2015) Updated March 16, 2015.
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