Tammy Meets Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (Paperback)

Tammy Meets Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves By Tenda Spencer (Illustrator), Nour Hassan (Illustrator), Duy Truong (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Tenda Spencer (Illustrator), Nour Hassan (Illustrator), Duy Truong (Illustrator)
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This is the fully restored color edition. Flesch-Kincaid Reading Grade Level is 4.3 suitable for 9 to 12 age readers and contains 12,600 words. A shorter edition for 8-10 is available with 4100 words. The full-length edition for 9 to adult readers contains 18,500 words.Ride on a magic carpet with Tammy Wurtherington, the legendary little doll girl, into the land of Arabian Nights. Like she did in The Declaration of Independence, she and her furry animal friends must "nudge" the space-time continuum and see that the world is returned to its proper order. In this magical tale, Mistress Wurtherington must see the the legendary gold of Mansa Musa is not stolen in the year 1324. Tammy is summoned to Kira by the kind sorceress, Lucinda and given a magic carpet and off she flies with Alfred the mouse, Zeke the orphaned opossum, and Cedric the comical mongoose. This is a tale in which gigantic vulture riders control the skies and banished elves rule an underground kingdom side-by-side with enormous deadly scorpions. The story is historically accurate, as is Tammy and the Declaration of Independence. In this Arabian tale, the great Legendary king, Mansa Musa made his holy trek from Timbuktu to Medina with one hundred camels, each bearing three hundred pounds of gold. This was a city on the move with fifty thousand citizens, and ten thousand warriors. It was a spectacular show of wealth meant to bedazzle the sheiks and sultans of Cairo and Medina. The journey was two years from beginning to end and left Arabia in turmoil for the next one hundred years.. Mistress Wurtheringon and her associates join up with the legendary Mansa Musa as members of the North African caravan and soon are caught up in a magical adventure that has many twists and turns before they are done. Many questions need answering. Are Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves really the rogue bandits that everyone believes? Or are they up to something else? Why are villagers disappearing and never heard from again? Can Mistress Wutherington save Princess Jasmine from being married to the evil caliph? This is the third installment of Mistress Wutherington's 1883 diary recently discovered in a dilapidated shed in River Falls, Ohio and brought to life by legendary restoration artists, Tenda Spencer, Nour Hassan, and Duy Truong.Be prepared for a fantasy adventure that is suitable for the entire family transcribed word for word exactly as the remarkable Tammy Wutherington wrote and illustrated it more than one hundred years ago.
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Publication Date: July 2nd, 2015
Pages: 74
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