Desperately Seeking A Pain Free Self: Relieve Physical Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain with a Return to the Inner Self (Paperback)

Desperately Seeking A Pain Free Self: Relieve Physical Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain with a Return to the Inner Self Cover Image
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Does our childhood hold the keys to unlocking our physical back pain? Yes it does according to Sophia Kupse - holistic practitioner and author of her second book Desperately Seeking a Pain Free Self - a simple self help guide giving the reader an alternate perspective as to why they suffer acute and chronic neck, shoulder and back pain that cannot be explained by medics or an X-ray. Based on Eastern and Western medicine principles, Sophia explains the importance of muscle memory and how our inner negative chatter influences our physical pain. The book focuses on understanding that your history from childhood to the present day has a direct affect on your physical back pain as well as overall well-being. Based on the psychology that we are the parent to our adult and inner child, Sophia shows the reader HOW to fully understand their inner child, WHAT happens when we ignore who we really are and HOW to self diagnose. The book also gives guidance on how to recover from emotional traumas from the past in order to release acute and chronic neck shoulder and back pain. Sophia says, "It's a fascinating insight into how our muscle memory actually holds onto our negative emotions and, if untreated, will manifest into physical (and sometimes crippling) pain. That's why we are all desperately seeking our true self in order to live a more balanced life." The book gives a background understanding of why this is important, then goes on to allow the reader to self diagnose muscular pain using simple diagrams. Natural solutions (that are proven to work) are detailed on how to resolve neck, shoulder and back pain along with a well-being guide on how a person can work with their inner self and become more happier both inside and out - helping to reduce and even resolve their physical and emotional pain. Are you constantly easing your pain with temporary solutions like massage and painkillers? Are you lost due to the demands and pressures externally in your life? Such daily stress creates an internal crisis within us and that in turn, creates our physical pain. Following from the success of her first book 'The Muscle Whisperer- The Keys to Unlocking Your Back Pain' Sophia Kupse leading expert and authority on back pain, shows you, in this new self help book, a fascinating insight into how our muscle memory actually holds onto our negative emotions and if untreated, will manifest into physical back pain. We are all desperately seeking our true self in order to bring more balance into our life. This is a journey of self discovery, as you return to your inner self, as you return to healing naturally the 'real you'. When you have acknowledged the 'real you' back pain disappears forever.

About the Author

Sophia Kupse, a qualified holistic practitioner working with Eastern & Western therapies for over 20 years, is the founder of one of the most advanced holistic back pain treatments available, 'Langellotti Tri-Therapy' (LT Therapy as it is generally known), favoured by actress Liv Tyler and BBC Radio 2 presenter, Janey Lee Grace. LT Therapy is basically a treatment that resets muscle memory in the neck, shoulders and back. Like any computer or mobile phone when they get a blip, they need to be reset - so does our muscle memory. The more stressed you get, the more you trigger adrenaline and cortisol which convert to lactic acid and store in the muscle groups. This eventually builds into knots that put pressure on the sensory nerves. The pressure will send messages to the brain and the person feels unexpected pain, which, most of the time, they cannot explain as to why they got it. If there is no accident or fall, all our physical pain is a manifestation of emotional stress built up over time. After qualifying in several disciplines of Holistic medicine and founding the groundbreaking Back Pain treatment, 'LT Therapy' she successfully runs two specialised clinics, one in her hometown of Bradford West Yorkshire and the other in Harley Street London. She helps clients clearly identify why they have reoccurring neck, shoulder and back pain, when medics cannot find a diagnosis to their pain. Sophia was always fascinated by how negative thoughts affect the body. Through years of research and bringing together both Western and Eastern medicine, she discovered that our deep rooted behaviour patterns learned from childhood had a direct effect on our physical well being, which could eventually lead to long term illness and disease. Experiencing in each decade of her own life, tragedy, emotional trauma, loss and a serious car accident at 23, that almost paralysed her from the waist down, her journey of finding a solution to back pain has not only healed her life physically and emotionally, but won her an army of fans globally, naming her 'The Muscle Whisperer' is highly acclaimed by journalists and endorsed by Professionals as a leading figure in the field of Holistic medicine.
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