Nigel Bradley and the Lost Book (Paperback)

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The little ten-year-old Nigel Bradley had lost his father - the quantum mechanic Christopher Bradley - when he was only two years old. The little kid is in search of the lost book and his father had been the only one who had known its power. The book is the only chance to stop Malus, the demon from the past, and protect his town, the island and the whole world from sinking in full darkness. To be able to find it, Nigel goes into a risky adventure along with his best friend, Peter, and the two girls they meet at the library - Bryony and Mabel. The four kids find out that they can affect the events happening around them with their minds. They are told to own 'the necessary' - the internal strength that makes the ones with pure hearts differ from their peers. They can speak with other creatures, they can 'pantinate', they can become invisible, thanks to the magical elixir they are given by the local seller, Mrs Basslyn, which she found in the ancient lands of Bulgaria. With all these available tools, they will face Malus and try to resist him. Malus co-operates with two scoundrels - Clifford and MacManus. They will help him capture little kids and reach Nigel in order to steal their souls and become invincible. In return, he will assist the two rogues to gain the right of building a shopping centre on the place of the Hummingbird Library.
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ISBN: 9781528934374
ISBN-10: 1528934377
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: March 31st, 2021
Pages: 246
Language: English