Blood Pressure Solutions: Blood Pressure: The Ultimate Guide to Lowering Your Bl (Paperback)

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Discover the Proven Guide To Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure With Natural Remedies Without Medication in 90 Days. BONUS Includes Dash Diet recipes with a list of Natural Remedies to Lower Blood Pressure. You're going to find so much information in this book that will completely change your mind about being diagnosed with hypertension and how to handle it. In most cases, hypertension can easily be managed with a change in diet and taking a few extra supplements every day, as well as monitoring by your doctor to make sure progress is being made. A diagnosis of hypertension is not the end of the world, nor is it the end of your life. You'll find information pertaining to how you can lead a healthier life through exercise and diet when you have hypertension, as well as what herbs and supplements you can take in order to lower your blood pressure. If you're not sure how you're progressing, you'll also figure out how to measure your blood pressure at home accurately so that you can monitor your own progress. Here Is The Overview Of The Lessons You Will Learn
  • Understanding Blood Pressure?
  • Lifestyle Changes to Lower the Blood Pressure
  • Dietary Changes That Will Fight High Blood Pressure.
  • Exercise Programs to Lose Weight a Blood Pressure
  • The Importance of Managing Stress Levels to Lower Blood Pressure
  • The Natural Remedies to Lower Blood Pressure
  • And Much More..
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About the Author

Lee Douglas is a author, entrepreneur, and well-renown health expert. By learning how to maximize his health after hitting a rock bottom, he learned the exact ways to increase vitality through his own research and experiences. Now, he spends time writing books and coaching others ways on how to maximize their own health.
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