Getting Filthy: Implementing Effective Velocity (Paperback)

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Getting Filthy - Implementing Effective Velocity When a pitcher of any level has great "Stuff", which means high velocity, good movement etc..... they are referred to as 'Nasty'. 'Filthy' is the term used when a 'Nasty' pitcher learns how to pitch. Teaching pitchers of all levels to get 'Filthy' is a process, just like all skill sets. This book is set up in a series of lessons to take on one element at a time. EV as a whole can seem very complex, although when you break each facet down into bite sized chunks, they are much easier to understand. 'Filthy' is a whole new chapter in the art of pitching. Getting 'Filthy' is a process that has steps and none of the steps are very complicated all by themselves. Step one is knowledge about gravity, but not the gravity that keeps your spikes firmly planted on the mound, rather the gravity that determines who wins the battle between the pitcher and the batter. This gravity is called Effective Velocity or EV for short. EV is timing and timing is what has determined the outcome of every at bat in the history of baseball and softball. And.....just as it does not matter whether you understand how gravity keeps you attached to the earth or also does not matter if you understand how EV works or not, it is still working all the time and in every at bat. Effective Velocity for pitchers is a complex subject that has a lot of layers. EV is a lot like math, in that you could not learn math in one day, at least not all of it. You can learn one aspect of math each day, such as addition or division or geometry, but when you try to learn math all at once, it's a cluttered mess. It becomes something like geovision or addometry, both of which are crazy versions of what was intended. And although you will see bits of the truth in addometry, it will never quite be exactly right. The same is true with EV. Most coaches or instructors read about EV and try to combine it with what they already 'know' about pitching, which usually turns into a watered down version of the truth. When you are ready to implement the most scientifically sound system in pitching, then it is time to start Getting Filthy.

About the Author

Perry Husband is the Author of the Downright Filthy Pitching Series, including 4 books, Downright Filthy Books 1, 2, 3 & Getting Filthy - Implementing Effective Velocity. This cutting edge series uncovers the science of Effective Velocity, which has been used by MLB coaches, pitchers and hitters. Ev has also been adopted by hundreds of university coaches/players in both softball and baseball, including many NCAA champions. Perry also authored both the Hitting is a Guess Video series, featuring Jay Bell and the Time Training Level 1, swing efficiency and Level 2 the new innovative approach at the most important element in hitting, Timing. Perry has consulted with MLB pitching coaches, managers as well as private consulting with both pitchers and hitters. As a player, Husband was the MVP of the Division II College World Series in 1984 where he captained the NCAA Champs Cal State University Northridge Matadors. He is also an inductee into the CSUN Hall of Fame as well as the Antelope Valley College Hall of Fame and the Lancaster JetHawks, minor league affiliate of the Houston Astros, Hall of Fame.
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