Consumer Health Care: 2 Volume Set (Hardcover)

Consumer Health Care: 2 Volume Set By Brigham Narins (Editor) Cover Image
By Brigham Narins (Editor)
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How will the aging of the Baby Boomers impact our health care system?
How are preexisting conditions handled according to the Affordable Care Act?
Who can I contact to find out more about my Health care options under the Affordable Health Care Act?
Should I be putting money into a Flexible Spending Account to help cover my health care costs?

You will find answers to these questions and more by using Gale's Consumer Health Care. This title provides concise, easy to understand, information on the often complicated and frustrating interactions between consumers, healthcare providers, and insurance companies, just in time to help answer the questions raised by the implementation of the initial provisions of the Affordable Care Act. With coverage of legislation, types of insurance, healthcare related jobs, methods of healthcare delivery and even non-standard medical practices, this title will provide readers with the information they need to be well-informed consumers and their own best healthcare advocate. Though focused on the health care system in the United States, this title also discusses health care systems in other major countries for comparative purposes.

In Consumer Health Care, the entries follow a standardized format that provides information at a glance. The three standard sections include:

Definition: Outlines the scope of the entry
Description: Provides the central information of the entry
Why this is important to the consumer: explains why and how the topic in question relates to an individual's practical healthcare experience
The Consumer Health Care focuses on the U.S. healthcare system and the individual's experience with it. Entries cover topics related to the current state of health insurance, the various kinds (including Government programs like Medicare and Medicaid) and methods of its delivery, as well as the history of insurance and the evolution of our current for-profit system and the Healthcare legislation and reform.

Standard features/structure of the health/medical titles in the "Gale Encyclopedia Of" books.
New kind of content, however: entries cover many topics in 12 categories: Government agencies, Government programs, Healthcare delivery, Healthcare funding, Healthcare improvement, Healthcare professions, Insurance, Issues in healthcare, Legislation, Non-governmental healthcare organizations, Non-standard medical practice, Other healthcare systems, Technology and healthcare.

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