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She's everything they ever wanted. And that's the problem. "She" is Aramid. The year is 2080, and Human Replacement robots - or Reps - are an integrated part of society. At Ledgewood High in Los Angeles, five Advanced Robotics students build a female Rep named Aramid with plans to register her in a cut-throat competition to find the nation's most lifelike robot. But complications quickly arise. The students illegally extract Aramid's "morality chip." The Rep begins to unravel, exhibiting many of the same problems as her teenage creators - lying, stealing, jealousy and, worst of all, rage, which threatens to turn her into a killing machine. Enter Sam Phenix, a brilliant new student with a tortured soul who hopes to reverse Aramid's rogue state and shield her from his classmates' ulterior motives. Sam's sensitivity draws the admiration of another student named Beth. The two of them enter into a tentative relationship while emerging as guardians for Aramid. Against all odds, the Rep begins to improve, developing feelings of love, consciousness, and a longing to sleep like real people. In her desire to become human, Aramid discovers her life's purpose - an explosive secret that even Sam doesn't know about. Unfortunately, Sam and Beth's reclamation efforts may be too late. Authorities are closing in on Aramid's trail, intent on destroying her. Will she live long enough to fulfill her dream? Their pursuit sets up a shocking ending in this riveting sci-fi thriller whose characters face a web of moral dilemmas with no easy answers.

About the Author

Paul Haddad was born in Hollywood, California. Some of his earliest memories involve books -- not just reading them, but writing them. From age 5 to 16, he penned more than a hundred. Story books, comic books, maze books, even a world atlas featuring countries that existed only in his head, in that same space where he imagined a wide audience of fawning readers beyond his own mother. Eventually, he earned an MFA degree from USC film school, redirecting his passion for storytelling into a career in television while still holding onto his bookish ways. Aramid is his fourth book, inspired by Haddad's background in producing science documentaries. His literary influences range from Mark Twain and Isaac Asimov to Carl Hiaasen and Charles M. Schulz. When he is not writing, Haddad can be found hanging out with his family, playing tennis, or mountain biking the trails of Southern California. He welcomes readers to check out his website:
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ISBN: 9781629894553
ISBN-10: 1629894559
Publisher: World Castle Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: April 13th, 2016
Pages: 298
Language: English