Creation God's Way: Puzzled about creation & evolution? Get answers here! (Paperback)

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According to the book of Genesis, God created the universe in six days. This is supported by scientific evidence. However, scientific evidence also supports evolutionary theories which say the universe appeared by natural processes--no God required. Which theory is correct? Is it creation or evolution? Which idea enhances your personal life?

Creation God's Way presents a comprehensive, side-by-side comparison of creation vs. evolution for your thoughtful evaluation, and then emphasizes the importance of your own personal worldview when interpreting scientific data. Millions of people choose to ignore questions about creation and evolution. Don't be one of them
Paul Richards is an electrical engineer who worked for many decades on complex projects in aeronautics, radar, global positioning, seismology, systems engineering, and computer science. Now retired, his interests focus on web development, collectible coins (https: //, Judeo-Christian thinking, and the Bible. Paul and his lovely wife, Rachel, live in Florida, where they attend a Pentecostal church. Paul does business as Stat-Matics (https: // The striking original artwork in this book is by Monica Minto (https: //

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ISBN: 9781631295355
ISBN-10: 1631295357
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: July 19th, 2020
Pages: 62
Language: English