What Is Scientology? History, Beliefs, Rules, Secrets and Facts (Paperback)

What Is Scientology? History, Beliefs, Rules, Secrets and Facts By Boyd Grant Cover Image
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By now it's a safe bet that you have at least heard of Scientology. Nine times out of ten what you have heard is negative. Very rarely do you ever hear something positive about the Church of Scientology or Scientologists. This often leads to a greater misunderstanding of Scientology, Scientologists and what the mission of the Church of Scientology actually is. Scientology is arguably the most controversial of all the religions. When you mention Scientology to someone you are almost guaranteed to get some kind of reaction or opinion. The Church of Scientology has been maligned and demonized by many detractors. But Scientologists themselves are passionate about their beliefs and defend Scientology with that very same passion. When it finally comes down to understand what Scientology is there is little if any objective information out there. It's all written from the perspective of detractors, supporters or people who just uninformed about Scientology and Scientologists in general. A new book, What Is Scientology - History, Beliefs, Rules, Secrets and Facts, will help shed some light on one of the most controversial topics of all time, Scientology. Look no further for one of the few objective accounts that will finally shed some light on the Church of Scientology. What Is Scientology? History, Beliefs, Rules, Secrets and Facts helps you better understand Scientology. It cuts out all the unhelpful chatter and helps you understand in simple terms exactly what Scientology is. This short book will help answer the most important questions you might have about Scientology. Some of the more important questions include everything from the Scientology belief system, the History of Scientology, and why people join the Church of Scientology and much more. You will also have a greater understanding of why people hate Scientology and why former members speak out about it. For those of you looking to learn more about Scientology this is the book you are looking for.
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Publication Date: August 14th, 2014
Pages: 46
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