America's Other Pandemic (Paperback)

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A thought-provoking discussion from a Christian perspective of the cultural, social, spiritual, political, and racial impacts of the events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and what author Jerry Albritton calls "America's Other Pandemic"-a moral decline forced to the surface by events and dramatic changes resulting from today's racial unrest, nationalist extremist activities, oppression of minorities, and political divisiveness. He feels these are key elements causing a significant decay of America's moral foundation, supporting principles, and values.

In the fight for the soul of America, this country is in desperate need of Divine guidance. America's current moral values no longer represent the ideals used in the foundation of our country's principles. This book offers a way to "think again" about what is important to each American regarding life, family, their beliefs, and livelihoods. More importantly, it offers insights on how Americans interact with each other, especially with those not like us, to draw attention to our divergence from God's perspective based on Biblical teachings as well as America's founding moral principles and values.

The author's hope is that readers will use the lessons learned from both pandemics to turn away from immoral prejudicial practices, and seek God's guidance to move forward to restore America's moral principles and values. The transformation will help lead the American people to creating a "New America" where all people are treated more fairly and judged solely on the merit of their actions, and not on the color of their skin, their gender, or political identity.

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ISBN: 9781638373124
ISBN-10: 1638373124
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Publication Date: April 30th, 2021
Pages: 162
Language: English