From Heartbreak to Hopeful: A dual-sided poetry collection about rediscovering self love (Paperback)

From Heartbreak to Hopeful: A dual-sided poetry collection about rediscovering self love By Shelby Catalano Cover Image
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A dual-sided poetry collection that gives you two storylines based on which side you begin, From Heartbreak to Hopeful follows the path to recovery from life-shattering heartbreak through poetry. Following romance in all its forms, you'll either traverse a breakup at its lowest point and find the path back to one's self in hope and self love or vice versa. Start from the back, and you'll be able to begin at the highest point of self love and affirmation and feel the slow descent into uncertainty and loneliness from heartbreak.

With inspiring verse, witty affirmations, and nail-biting anticipation, this collection explores gut-wrenching reminders of how heartbreak changes us – and how it ultimately makes us better in the end. Self-illustrated and written, this debut collection normalizes the spectrum of heartbreak and celebrates hope by allowing readers to read both backwards and forwards for two complete stories. By finding the state of your heart in these pages, you can begin something new for yourself with the lessons you've learned.

About the Author

Shelby Catalano is a Pacific Northwest based writer, poet, and general jack of all trades. She's been published in The Raven Review, Poetically Magazine, and the Deviant: Chronicles of Pride anthology from Inkfeathers Publishing. Her debut poetry collection From Heartbreak to Hopeful celebrates love and loss in all its forms – no matter where you are in your personal journey. When not writing or being a marketer by day, she enjoys indie video games, used bookstores, and nebulously traveling and practicing chaos magic to ward off existential dread.

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ISBN: 9781667823737
ISBN-10: 1667823736
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: June 21st, 2022
Pages: 92
Language: English