Migraine Tracker: To Help You Keep The Pain Away - Medical Record Tracker for Severe Pain Management - 6x9 120 pages (Paperback)

Migraine Tracker: To Help You Keep The Pain Away - Medical Record Tracker for Severe Pain Management - 6x9 120 pages By Hygge Journals Cover Image
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Are you "blessed" with recurring migraines that come at all kinds of times, show up uninvited, and can instantly ruin even the nicest day? Do you ever wonder if there is anything you could do to stop them or - at the very least - minimize their occurrence? If so, we might have something that can help you

This simple to use yet smart Migraine Tracker will help you better understand and better manage your migraine attacks.

Use it to record the duration and severity of your pain, the type and location of your migraine as well as any other symptoms. Write down the early warning signs, the things you ate or drunk, weather conditions and air pressure. With time, all this information will help you to understand the pattern ✔ and the triggers ✔ and - hopefully let you take quick action the next time you feel bad.

This Migraine Tracker with all it's records and notes will also be very helpful to your physician and will allow to diagnose causes of your migraines a lot better - leading to more effective treatment.

In other words - recording your migraines is the first (and yet the most effective) step to understanding why, when and how migraines affect you. This will help you put together a strong evidence record that you can take to your doctor. It will help you to explain your symptoms and get the treatment plan that is right for you.

This handy book will let you note:

  • date & time of your migraine attacks
  • location of pain (just mark the aching spot on the drawing)
  • pain intensity on your own scale
  • food and beverages
  • weather conditions
  • treatment and its effectiveness

In the back of this tracker there also is some extra space for your notes and questions you might have regarding your condition. So the next time you come to your doctor's appointment, you will have all the information and concerns written down in one place.

We know that migraines S U C K and that a severe pain can take away all the life's joy. This is why you should help yourself to understand your enemy better, get this tracker and - hopefully - improve your life's quality

Fingers crossed

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