J&K (Hardcover)

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The story of two idiots trying to navigate the modern world, told in comics, posters, stickers, and even a little vinyl record!

These simple-seeming comics stories weave in and out, with unexpectedly sad twists and hilarious turns; imagine Seinfeld mixed with Peanuts. J & K is also a singular art object unto itself. As Jay and Kay routinely reference pop culture, these cute, sad little artifacts are made real in the collection and will be included as separate extras and inserts. Pham combines his a gorgeous, big-foot cartooning and brilliant use of color with his innate grasp of printing, packaging, and graphic design. This book calls to mind the work of Chris Ware while completely staking out new ground in contemporary art.

About the Author

John Pham is a cartoonist and animator living in Los Angeles, CA. He is a Xeric Grant recipient, multiple Ignatz Award nominee, and his work has been featured in two volumes of Best American Comics.

Praise For…

Pham's precise work is a tremendous pleasure to behold.
— The Guardian

Pham crafts a funny and surprisingly affecting story of two slacker friends and their marginal lifestyles. This jumble of gags and lovable and loving outsiders succeeds through sheer, unrelenting weirdness.
— Publishers Weekly

J&K is a delightful mix of cute moments and 'tragically sensitive' bummers. Packaged as one of the most beautiful books I've ever seen, Pham unites weird with wonderful. So weird, that by the end, you'll think a pimple pus character named Bacne is adorable.

— Aminder Dhaliwal - Woman World

This fast-paced, surreal romp is a celebration of medium and process and form as much as a narrative.
— Elephant Magazine

A striking aesthetic ... the book commands a reader’s attention from its first page.
— Comics Bookcase

A portrait of two friends whose adventures flux between upbeat and harrowing, all the while presenting a pastel soaked playfulness under the visual aesthetic of its creator. As the story progresses, the bright and cute visuals become exponentially charming.
— Asian Movie Pulse

Pham's mastery of the risograph process reveals previously undiscovered degrees of subtlety in color, tone and shade. This enabled him to create a style of animation that is a utopic psychedelic motley of Tove Jansson's MoominThe MuppetsGarfield and scenery on par with Hokusai.

— XS Noize

Slightly crushing, deeply satisfying, a testament to the power of comics in print.
— Comics Beat

Pham’s hipster vintage world is winsome and crushing and lavishly colored.
— Doom Rocket
Product Details
ISBN: 9781683962229
ISBN-10: 1683962222
Publisher: Fantagraphics
Publication Date: February 4th, 2020
Pages: 144
Language: English