Joy of Dysfunctional Families: joke book (Paperback)

Joy of Dysfunctional Families: joke book By David Walton Earle Lpc Cover Image
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Most people grew up in dysfunctional households - often damaged by well-intentioned parents. Some children experienced a little dysfunction, and some quite a lot. Many other writers seek to enlighten readers about childhood emotional wounds, and provide understanding and acceptance of them. The Joy of Dysfunctional Families seeks the same but with an added invitation to accept whatever characteristic dysfunction you currently "enjoy" and not to take yourself so seriously. Yes, you may have experienced pain and discomfort growing up when you did not receive what a child needs for proper development. Despite your history, do you have to give away your joy? What keeps you from seeing the absurdities in your life? Can you change your history by being stern? Why can't you laugh? Even with your suffering, the Joy of Dysfunctional Families seeks to put the "fun" back into dysfunction In this book, the Joy of Dysfunctional Families - we are able to poke fun at our vulnerability and character flaws. In this self-help joke book, we learn through absurdity. Here we get to laugh at what is so unlaughable. Humor also lets us explore very uncomfortable thoughts and memories.
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ISBN: 9781726337342
ISBN-10: 1726337340
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 9th, 2019
Pages: 120
Language: English