The Upside Within Reach: A New Way to Create a Prosperous Business (Hardcover)

The Upside Within Reach: A New Way to Create a Prosperous Business By Drew Morris Cover Image
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This book introduces a new way for executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs to boost profits, grow revenue, and increase the value of their businesses, and to hone their skills in doing so.

The core idea: a business's prosperity often hides in the gaps between what it does now, and what it could do, in 13 different areas, like whether customers will continue to buy forever, and advertising that create the highest possible sales. The business's upside (its results potential) is just sitting, mostly unnoticed, in those gaps. The book and its included downloadable tools help readers find and address the most promising and realistic elements of its upside in their unique businesses.

The chapters, each incorporating the wisdom of experts on the topic, include:

  • Creating zealous customers.
  • Honing a value proposition, so more people buy.
  • Raising a brand's emotional power to attract sales.
  • Crafting ads that create, I want that
  • Pricing perspectives that capture an entire market.
  • Deftly managing costs.
  • Detecting and seizing opportunities.
  • Finding growing, hungry markets.
  • Shaping powerful business designs.
  • Product and service design-creating "hit records".
  • Innovative solutions to worthy problems.
  • Key management practices for boosting results.

A new decision approach, insight-based management, along with Let's See, an included, downloadable tool based on it, helps the reader choose what to work on from the above and form their choices into a prosperity design-what they'll work on, when, to produce the best possible results.

This system's outcomes: better financial results, a business that's worth more, and a reader who now has a way to find and deliver those better results, time and again.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736100004
ISBN-10: 1736100009
Publisher: Lift Publishing
Publication Date: October 25th, 2022
Pages: 406
Language: English