Stories to Make You Puke Your Pants (Paperback)

Stories to Make You Puke Your Pants By G. Arthur Brown Cover Image
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"Whether he's scribbling on napkins, writing online, or penning fiction, G. Arthur Brown is interested in taking the world we think we know, cracking it open, slathering it with weirdness, and twisting it into odd shapes--which, surprisingly, resemble the world more accurately than the world we wish we had. Brown's a prime example of how the weird and the bizarre can provide an active and irreverent critique of the real. This is fiction that's fun to read and yet deeply resonant." -- Brian Evenson, author of The Glassy, Burning Floor of Hell and Last Days

Twelve stories of the absurdly surreal, the surreally absurd, the existentially dreadful, and the grotesquely ludicrous. Stories to Make You Puke Pants is no simple pants-puking matter. These are tales to twist your mind, warp your reality, flip the script, and make you wonder why you are reading a book when you could be out playing Risk with your hip, young friends. You could be playing Mario Bros. on your Atari 7800. You could beat the game. Or you could commit to the quest for insanity and crack open these crusty pages to see what all the puke is about.

"G. Arthur Brown is a glorious minstrel making music for demon gods to dance to. His prose is taut, charming, and sinister. His mind quick, quirky, and wild. Let the moon go up at midnight and let him serenade you. Open up your heart at him: let his stories make you full." - Brian Allen Carr, author of Opioid, Indiana and Motherfucking Sharks

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ISBN: 9781739792381
ISBN-10: 1739792386
Publisher: Planet Bizarro
Publication Date: June 1st, 2022
Pages: 210
Language: English