Out of the Bottomless Pit: Book 2 (Paperback)

Out of the Bottomless Pit: Book 2 By S. N. Strutt, Suzanne Strutt (Cover Design by) Cover Image
By S. N. Strutt, Suzanne Strutt (Cover Design by)
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'OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT II' is a sequel to my first book OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT I about the paranormal and the supernatural.

I am sure that you have already noticed the vicious dragon on the front cover coming out of the Bottomless Pit along with locusts with scorpion tails and ferocious giants coming out of the Pit and attacking people taken from the Book of Revelation chapter 9.

What will a transhuman technology do to our future?

Is it wise to create hybrids?

Could some of our tinkering in dark science end up coming to haunt mankind?

I have personally met the 'Men in Black' many years ago and had many strange paranormal experiences in seeing UFO's on five different occasions. Some of the experiences were not pleasant. What are the Ley-lines? Why does science pretend to know so much, when in fact they know very little because they deny so much Why? Because they leave out the supernatural and the fact there are many other dimensions. - The Author

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ISBN: 9781782229759
ISBN-10: 1782229752
Publisher: Paragon Publishing
Publication Date: December 14th, 2022
Pages: 310
Language: English