The Amazing Snox Box (Hardcover)

The Amazing Snox Box By Brian Gage, Tom Ellsworth (Illustrator), Robert Park Cover Image
By Brian Gage, Tom Ellsworth (Illustrator), Robert Park
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An intergalactic salesman with very interesting wares arrives on the diamond-rich moon of Zanic with an offer that its King seemingly cannot refuse.

"To subjugate slaves, convince them they're free," says Sammy Sopkins, the Intergalactic Salesman. King Locks has enslaved the entire population to mine his diamonds but, as conditions grow ever more intolerable, the slaves plan a revolt. As they prepare to storm the Bastille, enter Sammy with the panacea for the autocrat's ills: the amazing Snox Box. King Locks, Sammy explains, should free all the slaves and give them Snox Boxes. The Box will show lifestyles so tempting they'll work even harder, without any need for coercion. Sammy send King Locks into what he assures the King will be only a temporary exile and Sammy dispenses free Snox Boxes to the newly emancipated slave, who gaily return to work.

Once all are in thrall to the Box, Sammy shows them a news story announcing that their former tyrant was actually their misunderstood savior. King Locks is welcomed back with open arms. Once the goat, he's now a hero. Then the bill for the free Snox Boxes falls due, and the King seems disinclined to pay . . .

About the Author

Brian Gage was born in Youngstown, Ohio and has lived in Los Angeles, CA most of his adult life. In addition to writing, he enrolled at The French Conservatory of Music in West Los Angeles and studied classical piano performance.
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ISBN: 9781887128575
ISBN-10: 1887128573
Publisher: Soft Skull
Publication Date: June 11th, 2003
Pages: 44
Language: English