Mormons: The Serpent's Saints (Paperback)

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While Christian denominations world-wide have been slipping into apathy, worldliness and Biblical illiteracy the cult of Mormonism has been able to preach its satanic doctrines throughout the world deceiving countless souls in the process. It's time for true men, women and even children of God to stand against the heresies being taught by the Mormons and contend for the true Christian faith. Mormons: The Serpent's Saints will teach you how to do just that Learn about: Joseph Smith's witchcraft and devil worship Brigham Young's murderous teachings False prophecies & historical errors in the Mormon scriptures And much more Understand the truth that just as Christians are followers of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and Lutherans are followers of the teachings of Martin Luther, Mormons are in fact followers of Mormo the king of devils or none other than Satan himself Learn the truth about the satanic cult of Mormonism and its false prophets before someone you know is converted to the soul-damning doctrines of Mormonism
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ISBN: 9781927654019
ISBN-10: 1927654017
Publisher: Fanatic Publishing LLC
Publication Date: December 1st, 2015
Language: English