And Hell Followed with It: Life and Death in a Kansas Tornado (Hardcover)

And Hell Followed with It: Life and Death in a Kansas Tornado By Bonar Menninger Cover Image


Colossal trees snap like matchsticks. A gigantic orange fireball explodes in the funnel's black core. Horses are sucked up and spit out alive by 200-mile-per-hour winds. These were just a few of the scenes that unfolded on June 8, 1966, when a massive EF-5 tornado cut a 22-mile swath across eastern Kansas and straight through Topeka Kansas's capital city. When it was over, 16 people were dead, more than 500 were injured, and property damage had reached $100 million, making the tornado the most destructive in U.S. history up to that time.

That fateful day comes back to life in And Hell Followed With It: Life and Death in a Kansas Tornado. Author Bonar Menninger has interviewed dozens of survivors to construct a tightly woven narrative that conveys in gut-wrenching detail what it's like when nature careens out of control and ordinary people face extraordinary, life-threatening situations.

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ISBN: 9781934572498
ISBN-10: 1934572497
Publisher: Emerald Book Co
Publication Date: October 1st, 2010
Pages: 327
Language: English