The Gods in the Fields: Michael, Mary and Alice: Guardians of Enchanted Britain (Paperback)

The Gods in the Fields: Michael, Mary and Alice: Guardians of Enchanted Britain By Nigel Graddon Cover Image
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This book offers for the first-time detailed insights into England's St Michael leyline, the celebrated "straight track" whose dragon energies (Michael and Mary) travel coast-to-coast from Cornwall to Norfolk. Along its 364-mile length are some of the most renowned megalithic, historical and "otherworldly" features found anywhere in the world. British researcher Nigel Graddon takes us on a special journey to explore these magnificent locations. We learn of Britain's special place in the origins of ancient wisdom and of the "Sun-Men" who taught it to a humanity in its infancy. Aspects of these teachings are to found all along the St Michael ley: at Glastonbury, Britain's "holyeste erthe" and the hallowed location of Merlin and Arthur's Avalon; in the design and layout of the extraordinary Somerset Zodiac of which Glastonbury is a major part; in the amazing stone circles and serpentine avenues at Avebury and nearby Silbury Hill: portals to unimaginable worlds of mystery and enchantment; the Gods in the Fields--Wiltshire's incredible volume of mind blowing crop circles and their invisible makers; Graddon's exciting discovery of the St. Michael ley's Golden Ratio position and its enchanting connections between Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland and the fairyfolk; and, not least, the enduring tales of high strangeness east of the line, including Suffolk's history of "X-Files" time-slip phenomena and the infamous UFO events (Britain's "Roswell") in the county's Rendlesham Forest. Chapters include: Britain: Key, Lock and Door; Michael, Mary and Merlin; England's West Country; The Glastonbury Zodiac; Wiltshire; The Gods in the Fields; Michael, Mary and Alice; East of the Line; Table of Michael and Mary locations; more.
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ISBN: 9781948803328
ISBN-10: 1948803321
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
Publication Date: March 1st, 2021
Pages: 280
Language: English