Bichon Frise: A Bichon Frise Pet Owner's Guide (Paperback)

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Getting a Bichon Frise at home is one of the most wonderful moments ever and does have its own set of challenges.

The first time you bring a Bichon Frise into your home, chances are that you will have as much fun and will encounter as many surprises as real parents do. Suddenly you have a little whirlwind in your house that takes hearts by storm, turns everything upside down and gets ideas you never even dreamt of. Yes, Bichon Frise knows how to charm people.

Nevertheless, a Bichon Frise need proper training right from the start. The human world is huge, exciting and often dangerous for animals. A Bichon Frise must learn at an early stage to adapt to this environment. This includes: Following commands, fitting in with the human family, understanding what is forbidden, getting used to a leash and even coping with being alone. Remember that every puppy becomes a full-grown dog after some time. The saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" does have some truth to it.

Especially during the first weeks of their lives, Bichon Frises go through important phases that shape them for their entire future. Those who are too careless or too harsh now or those who miss important moments in their puppies' life and make other training mistakes will find it very difficult to get rid of these flaws and mistakes later on.

Love, consistency, and knowledge are the key factors for successful puppy training. There are also numerous questions you should ask yourself before buying a Bichon Frise - first of all: Which dog suits my circumstances? What do I have to have in my home for the dog, what do I have to protect?

In this guide, you will learn everything you have to know to have a smooth start with your little four-legged friend and all you need to know to get the most out of your relationship with your Bichon Frise. How you can raise him well, teach him obedience and how he internalizes the most important commands early on and at the same time you will learn to understand your Bichon Frise and how you should respond to him in certain situations.


Bichon Frise Basics, Choosing and Owning, Breeding, Care, Nutrition, Grooming, Showing and Training All Included

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