The Prodigal Paradigm: The Bible's Real Storyline (Paperback)

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This is the first of a five volume series attempting to rediscover the amazing encouragement the Scriptures offer to all men everywhere. This five book series must be read in order and seen as five layers of foundation needed for understanding the message of the Bible and, thereby, all the events and circumstances of life. They set forth what the Bible actually says about the major topics that concern us all. Systematic theology, on the other hand, has unintentionally hidden from view the simple truths of the Bible by a presumptive systematization of its teachings, mixing topics together like so many ingredients thrown into a blender. When justification, salvation, eternal life, the kingdom of heaven, redemption, and the like are blended together with the presumption that they are basically describing the same thing, the message of the Bible is lost. This series of books attempts to set aside the myriad assumptions that systematic theology rests upon (as it mixes together a variety of concepts, losing sight of their individual messages and contributions) and demands a "chapter and verse" proof for everything that is presented as Christian truth. Being close in meaning (or being supposed to be close in meaning) will no longer be counted as being good enough. Different topics are not synonymous unless the Bible specifically says they are.The first volume clarifies the topics of justification, salvation, and eternal life. We will show that they are vastly different issues. Understanding what the Bible means when it uses these terms will transform your understanding and encourage your life as never before. The discussion of these issues is not pursued in an academic manner. Justification describes the life that is pleasing to God. When God justifies a person, He is basically saying, "Well done, good and faithful servant " When He saves a person, He is delivering him from the trials and temptations of everyday life. And eternal life is that wonderful resource that is given to all those who have believed in Jesus as God's Messiah; it enables a person to live on an entirely different spiritual plane. All of these things will encourage you and guide you to live in fellowship with God each and every day.This book suggests that the message of the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation, is the same as that found in Jesus' parable of the prodigal son. As in that parable, God the heavenly Father is standing with open arms and with a plan in place to bless every person who returns to Him. It doesn't matter what you have done or how long you have done it. God is ready to forgive you as He offers the most incredible relationship to you that you could ever imagine experiencing. A return now, followed by a walk of dependence upon Him to supply every spiritual need you have, will remove all fear of punishment after you die. Experiencing the unfathomable love of God in this life sets aside all fears of punishment by God after we die. God loves you and is waiting on you to return and live a life of trust in Him so He is able to fully demonstrate His love to you. Whether you've been in "the far country" or working in the fields "at home," God is inviting you to experience the boundlessness of His love for you.
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Publisher: Equipped for Life Ministries
Publication Date: June 20th, 2019
Pages: 208
Language: English