I Escaped The Tower of London: A Renaissance England Kids Survival Story (Paperback)

I Escaped The Tower of London: A Renaissance England Kids Survival Story By Scott Peters, Ellie Crowe Cover Image
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Step into the thrilling world of Renaissance England with this action-packed adventure set in the Tower of London

Join 15-year-old Ben, an orphaned coal-boy, as he finds himself trapped in the old, haunted prison, facing ghosts, twisting tunnels, and even a putrid moat

One day, while delivering coal to London's famous Tower, Ben makes a shocking discovery - Princess Elizabeth is imprisoned there Despite being just a kid with no knightly armor, he can't ignore her desperate plea for help. Determined to aid the princess, Ben sets out on a dangerous journey through the Tower's maze-like halls and eerie stairwells.

As he navigates the treacherous castle grounds, Ben faces a host of challenges. The Tower's dark dungeons are infested with rats, and the ghostly presence of Anne Boleyn adds to the haunting atmosphere. But Ben's determination to rescue Princess Elizabeth leads him to take daring risks, even as Beefeater guards patrol the fortifications.

This gripping chapter book is tailor-made for kids who adore stories about castles, knights, and thrilling historical survival adventures. The pages are filled with easy-to-digest chapters, ensuring that young readers experience a sense of accomplishment with every turn.

Not only does "I Escaped the Tower of London" offer an adrenaline-charged story, but it also provides a fantastic opportunity to explore Renaissance England and its rich history. The Tower of London serves as a backdrop to Ben's daring journey, and black and white illustrations vividly bring each chapter to life, immersing young readers in the medieval setting.

Parents and educators will appreciate the bonus fact section, where curious minds can delve deeper into the secrets of the Tower of London, learn about Queen Elizabeth I and other fascinating historical figures. It's a fantastic way to make history come alive and pique children's interest in the past

We know you're looking to make quick yet thoughtful decisions for your kids. "I Escaped the Tower of London" is the perfect choice for children who enjoy thrilling historical survival adventures set in England. It's an engaging read that combines courage, problem-solving, and a celebration of young heroes, making it an excellent addition to any reading list.

So, dive into this captivating tale and join Ben as he navigates the Tower's darkest depths. Will he outsmart the Tower's sinister traps? Can he survive disaster? The only way to find out is to turn the pages and embark on this unforgettable adventure

Don't miss the chance to introduce your kids to an action-packed story that will stay with them long after the last page is turned.

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ISBN: 9781951019242
ISBN-10: 1951019245
Publisher: Best Day Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: August 16th, 2021
Pages: 122
Language: English