Captivating the Earl (Paperback)

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If nice things come in small packages, surely lovely things come in larger ones?

In the unforgiving world of Regency-era London, Isabelle Carrington bears the weight of society's harshest judgments. Her ample curves and gentle nature make her a target of ridicule in a world obsessed with superficial beauty. But when Henry, Lord Gosforth, crosses paths with this resilient young woman, his heart is captivated by her beauty, inside and out.

Henry, a man of privilege and position, finds himself irresistibly drawn to Isabelle's warmth and intelligence. Determined to breach the walls society has built around her, he embarks on a journey to prove that true love knows no boundaries. But can he convince Isabelle that her worth is not defined by the cruel opinions of others but by the depth of her heart and the strength of her character?

When a man dies in full view of his guests attending a hot air balloon demonstration, Henry is forced to investigate, and it is Isabelle he turns to for assistance. Is the death an accident or something far more sinister? Henry can't be sure, and as the inquiry proceeds amidst a house full of suspects, the two form a fragile bond.

But as Henry's past catches up with him and Isabelle's insecurities rise to the surface, their problems multiply. Uncovering the truth could come at a cost, one that Henry grasps almost too late. He too must break free of his shackles and overcome his self-imposed isolation.

Isabelle finds it hard to credit that this handsome, supremely eligible man could be genuinely attracted to her, but staring death in the face tends to sharpen one's perspective. Is she brave enough to leap into the unknown and embrace a future she never expected?

In a world where beauty is skin-deep, Captivating the Earl is a poignant and heartfelt tale of a love that transcends society's standards. Join Isabelle and Henry as they navigate the treacherous waters of class and prejudice, proving that love, acceptance, and self-worth are the most powerful forces of all.

Will their love defy the odds? Find out in this enchanting historical romance.

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ISBN: 9781961275973
ISBN-10: 196127597X
Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: January 30th, 2024
Pages: 224
Language: English