D-City Chronicles 3: Aja and Ro (Paperback)

D-City Chronicles 3: Aja and Ro Cover Image


The D-City crew has had their share of up and downs, but nothing like the drama that they are facing now. Kyra and Ace are both devastated to learn that their daughter has been kidnapped, and that Shelly, Kyra's mom, has been killed. Will their grief tear them apart? Or draw them together? Akia has always been a killer. Now that Ray has taken their daughter, Akia is in beast mode Can Tan handle Akia the Killer? Or will he throw in the towel like Ray? Ro/Viper thought that he was getting everything under control. He and Aja are engaged, about to start a family, and he is getting help for his condition. But the ultimate betrayal by his brother and his father's death has pushed him over the edge. Will Aja be able to bring him back? The D-City enemies have banded together. Lily, Romero, Doug, Derrick, and Camille have a plan that could devastate the D-City Crew once and for all. With more twists, turns, deception, and secrets, who will come out on top in the stunning conclusion of this D-City Saga?
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ISBN: 9781985264946
ISBN-10: 1985264943
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 10th, 2018
Pages: 274
Language: English