D-City Chronicles: Aja and Ro (Paperback)

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Twenty- one year old Aja Lanae Masters has been in hiding for four years. She has lost her family, boyfriends, and her peace of mind. She has given up on a happily ever after because everyone she loves has either died or been threatened because of her. When she decides to come out of hiding due to unexpected circumstances, she meets a man just as broken as her. The attraction is undeniable but will her demons come to kill the new love that is developing. Twenty- five year old Roland "Ro" Symir Casey deals in death. His whole world is killing, money, and revenge. He is cold- hearted and doesn't care about anybody but his family, his brother Raymond, his father Rodney, and his best friend Ace. He has no room in his heart for love or so he thought. That changes when he collides with Aja, Ace's little sister. When he's asked to protect her he finds his cold heart thawing. The problem is he has a situation with Tyesha and an even darker enemy. His anger. "Unknown" She has always been mine and no one can have her but me. Many have tried and failed it cost them their lives. She is my angel and I will do anything to keep her.............
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ISBN: 9781985266247
ISBN-10: 1985266245
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 11th, 2018
Pages: 268
Language: English