Bouquets & Berettas (Paperback)

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Whoever said you won't miss a good thing until it's gone was speaking facts, especially when it comes to twenty-eight-year-old New Jersey Hill. After up and leaving Jersey eight years ago to pursue her education at Michigan State University, she's back for one reason. She's recently engaged to a professional boxer named Monty Green, but there's one problem: she's already married. Before leaving, eight years ago, Jersey married her childhood sweetheart, Raymond 'Rated R' White. After the two took a devastating loss, it drove a wedge between them that couldn't be undone. With emotions heightened, Jersey picks up and leaves without saying goodbye, leaving Rated R confused and feeling abandoned. Now that she's back, she's demanding a divorce. But Rated R, who's still in his feelings about the way she left, is refusing to jump at her will. Why should he aid in her happiness when she left him in misery After Jersey left him, Rated found a way to move on with his life. At thirty years old, now a father of a four-year-old little girl and the owner of his own construction company, making eight figures of legit money, Rated R is the ultimate bachelor. All the women want him, and all the niggas want to hate him. Moving on with his life, he meets the beautiful Nubia. Everything about her is perfect from her looks to her personality to the sex they share. She's almost too perfect, so it seems. But Rated soon discovers that no one is perfect, not even Nubia. She has a deadly agenda that causes Rated to revert to the deadly savage that he once was. After finally getting what she wants, Jersey is headed back to Michigan to start planning her wedding, but something just doesn't feel right. The few days she spends tormenting the man she once described as the love of her life causes old feelings to resurface. She realizes that she may have made a mistake in divorcing Rated R. When discovering the two people who she trusted the most back in Michigan have deceived her, she comes back home but not before showing them why they call her Dirty Jerz. Now back in Jersey, she's ready to start a new life, but it's not the life she wants if it's not with the love of her life, Rated R. These two may fight like Ike and Tina in the limo, but they'll go to war for each other, Berettas blasting.
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ISBN: 9781986385176
ISBN-10: 1986385175
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 12th, 2018
Pages: 268
Language: English