Got A Gangsta Catchin' Feelings 4 (Paperback)

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Camaya still has a ring in her ears from the gunshots she heard when the bullets from the barrel of Donica's gun pierced Nas. Her hands still shake from having to pull a trigger, just to defend her family. Nas, on the other hand, copes in his own way, but it's proving to be his downfall with his backslide of having to go back to being the old him. It puts a strain on his marriage when he basically has to learn how to walk and speak again in love and in partnership. Laz wants blood. Hot, steamy, sticky blood between his fingers from what Donica pulled. He can't shake the thought, even though he has physical therapy to get through, that she almost killed his daughter. Even worse, she could've killed off Camaya as well. Now sporting the king's crown, anything is possible now that the ball is in his court to take action, but thanks to Camaya, he's doing his best to wait and see what a judge will have to say about Donica's three counts of attempted murder. Even worse than plotting the demise of his ex-wife, no matter the outcome in court, he has to fight his newfound feelings for the mother of his daughter- Camaya. Betraying Nas after he let Laz back in is not a good road to travel. Conz and Michelle plan their move, but their friends are going through too much for them to focus on what they have going on, while Meech and Jamilla are at a standstill thanks to them having to constantly travel to check on the Asaads. The crew is unraveling, in part of Nas' temper, the consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder, and the distance between them all. It would take a miracle and four angels to piece together what once was. That includes Nas and Camaya's love for one another. The new baby is soon to arrive, and it may be born into disarray and freshly divorced parents.
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ISBN: 9781986561495
ISBN-10: 1986561496
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 16th, 2018
Pages: 186
Language: English