Righteous Birth: Meditations for Natural Birthers and Their Birthworkers (Paperback)

Righteous Birth: Meditations for Natural Birthers and Their Birthworkers By Allyson McQuinn Cover Image
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This book was born of both the womb and of the heart. It is an artistic piece, a piece wrought with feeling, including righteous anger. It is about reclaiming the right to birth where we want to on our own terms. For thousands of years, we've birthed at home, in creeks, and even mangers. We are not sick and we're discovering that, clinically, our chosen sanctuaries are the safest places for us to give birth.* Low lights, music, birthing pools with trusted attendants or even with just our spouses, claiming our right to birth on our own terms is not only safe, it's turning out that that it's actually safer.* An American hospital has one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the world.*As the author was crafting this poetry book of meditations for women keen to give birth naturally, she realized that it didn't feel natural to write this piece in isolation, so she invited other birth-workers, doulas, and midwifes from around the world to also weigh in. Women are naturally so generous Suddenly, there were images and quotes from women all over the globe wanting to participate in this project. The author had many phenomenal images and stunning vignettes of natural, raw birth to lovingly sift through and choose from for this compilation.This collection of birth images and meditations are indeed a labour of love. It speaks to our fears, our struggles, messy birth, fast births, slow births, powerful births and births wrought with fear. All of the images are raw, honest and true. All of the stories are related to the truth but may be disguised to protect the birther wanting to remain anonymous. All of the images and meditations are depicted to help you to hold the course of your own natural or free birth. You will feel these birth-working women holding you through your own process from around the world What women are saying about this book: "Well done I really love this work and would love to have it in my library." Angee Hock, Traditional Midwife, Nebraska Birth Keeper "This book is so SO beautiful Very very honoured to be included in the front quote I can't wait to recommend this to my clients." Yolande Norris-Clark, Free Birth Advocate, freebirth.ca *The Business of Being Born Documentary (thebusinessofbeingborn.com)
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ISBN: 9781987887082
ISBN-10: 1987887085
Publisher: 978-1-987887-08-2
Publication Date: February 13th, 2020
Pages: 140
Language: English