Fisman's Fraud: The Rise of Canadian Hate Science (Paperback)

Fisman's Fraud: The Rise of Canadian Hate Science By Watteel Cover Image
By Watteel
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When pseudoscience, politics & fraud converge

What lengths will ideologically or financially-driven researchers and politicians go to impose their will upon others?

Throughout the pandemic we've witnessed a slide from objective clinical research to easily manipulated "real-world" studies to purely fictional simulations completely detached from reality. "Consensus" (aka groupthink) quickly replaced scientific scrutiny and civil discourse plummeted. It became difficult to distinguish scientific recommendations from political talking points.

On April 25, 2022 a very dangerous line was crossed. Leaders in the Canadian research and medical community rubber-stamped a clearly fraudulent study. Its overarching purpose: to use "science" to justify discrimination, sow hatred and reinterpret the notion of inalienable rights.

Within hours of the study's official publication, dozens of articles in top national papers flooded Canada warning of the dire risk of merely hanging out with unvaccinated people - selfish souls who refused to accept the new genetic COVID-19 vaccines. The "unvaccinated" were compared to carriers of syphilis, intoxicated drivers and reckless individuals who had no regard for others.

Can't get an operation? Blame the unvaccinated The "science" says so.

But did it? This book examines:

  • The man, the politics and the intent behind the faux study.
  • How researchers concocted results to overwrite reality & scapegoat the unvaccinated.
  • The Establishment's willingness to go along with the fraud.
  • How political ideology fed into the analysis.
  • How the research is being used to swindle Canadians out of their Charter rights & freedoms.

An investigative look into Fisman's Precedent-Setting Hate Science

"FISMAN'S FRAUD is both a disturbing and an exhilarating read. The book exposes what is effectively a crime scene with various agents complicit in producing fraudulent science that was used by media and the Prime Minister to fuel hatred and societal division. Watteel reveals in precise detail how every system of oversight and accountability, from the University of Toronto to the Ontario Provincial Police failed in their duty to act with integrity. The exhilarating aspect is that the book shines a bright light on those responsible. Watteel names names and calls them out for what they are - morally bankrupt. Fisman's Fraud gives hope that by exposing the fraud justice may prevail and civility restored to this Nation." - Ted Kuntz, President Vaccine Choice Canada

"FISMAN'S FRAUD is a must read that slices through the layers of lost integrity, accountability and responsibility to reveal the greatest deception of our time." - Vincent A Gircys, Veteran Police Constable, Ontario Provincial Police - Forensic Collision Reconstructionist

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